Marketing Material Translation

Datagain provides specialized services for translating newsletters, brochures, annual reports, training manuals, or a special mailing. We also provide graphic design support to for most languages. Some of the challenges that we can help you overcome are;

Datagain is a leading provider of specialized translation services to leading pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CRO). The documents we translate include:

Fitting the text into a pre-determined space:
Text in some languages takes up more space than others. For example German and Russian text usually takes up more space than English, but texts in Chinese and Korean take up less space. Sometimes you have to use alternative, shorter translations to fit the available space. Our team specializes in fitting more or less text into a layout designed for an English version.

Page Layout:
If you translate your website or marketing material into languages that are written from right to left, such as Arabic, Persian or Urdu, the page layout should be flipped over so that it's a mirror image of the pages in left-to-right languages. Some images may need altering and adjustments to the style sheets and some page elements will also be needed.

Font Sizes:
Some languages, such as Chinese, Korean and Arabic, are difficult to read at font sizes that are perfectly legible for languages like English, French and Russian. Using separate style sheets is a solution to this problem. Another solution is to avoid specifying font sizes at all, though designers don't tend to be very keen on this as it messes up their design.