Audio/Video Translation Services

We can translate your audio/video files from English to more than 100 world languages. We customize our services for motion picture and recording producers, newspapers, publishers, radio and television broadcasters. Our services include translation of the following:

  • Radio and television broadcasts
  • News programs
  • “As broadcast” scripts
  • Interviews
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Discussions
  • Speeches
  • Commercial films
  • Documentary films
  • Web casts
  • Pod casts

Time Coding / Time Stamping:
We can add frequent time codes to help you identify, edit and synchronize your audio or video with the transcripts. For interviews we can add time codes at the end of each reply.

We can provide an accurate, exhaustive transcription that has the entire dialog, music, cues, credits, on-screen graphics, scene descriptions, time code and feet or frame. A time code spotting is carried out for each edit or for each line of dialog.

Reality TV:
We provide specialized services to cover shows that are unscripted and where the audio is unstructured. We customize our services to meet specific requirements of transcribing Reality TV by identifying and transcribing only the relevant portion.