Frequently asked questions

How much will my translation project cost?
The price of each translation project depends on many factors, such as type of document translation (website, personal correspondence, legal manual, medical document), subject area, the length of the text to be translated, whether or not certification is required, how many translations are required and number of languages. Please contact us for a free cost estimate.

What are the main steps in a translation project?

  1. Provide us with details of your requirements
  2. We will send you a cost estimate
  3. Once approved, we will implement the project and send you the results
  4. After you are satisfied with the results, send us the payment.

How do I send you my documents for translation?
Please upload your documents using our website. We accept most of the common formats such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rar, .txt, .wpd, or .zip. Hard copies of documents may be mailed to our office in New Jersey.

How long will my translation take?
Since requirements of each project are different, we can establish time lines only after reviewing your specific translation objectives. Please contact us for more details. 

Do you offer certified translation?
Yes, we offer certified and notarized translation on request by our clients.