We charge a flat rate per line for medical transcription if you use a digital recorder to dictate. There is a nominal additional charge if you would like to use our toll free dictation system to dictate.

Billing Cycle:
We invoice at the end of each calendar month. Invoices are accompanied by detailed statements with the individual line counts for each file transcribed during that month.

Datagain’s pricing methodology is based on characters not key strokes. Our definition of a character is any visible:
  • Letter
  • Number
  • Symbol
  • Punctuation
  • Spaces between words

Keystrokes, often called “characters” counted by other firms, but not counted by Datagain include:
  • Function Keys (Such as F1, F2)
  • Indentation / Tab
  • Capitalization (on/off charge)
  • Bolding (on/off charge)
  • Italicizing (on/off charge)
  • Underlining (on/off charge)
  • Control Keys (Such as Ctrl, Alt, Ins, Del)

Headers and Footers:
Datagain also doesn’t include characters inside of a static header or footer. Static headers/footers meaning that any header or footer that will not change for each document; for ex: The Company Name or Address that goes in the header.