HIPAA Compliance

Information privacy is a key area in the healthcare industry and we ensure that our services meet exhaustive security levels. All our systems and processes are HIPAA Compliant.

Datagain delivers a technology that is secure. System controls, database architecture and internal policies provide HIPAA compliance. Information is delivered over the web using HTTPS 128 byte encryption with a Thawte SSL certificate.

We perform regular security audits, restrict access to information by using authenticated, encrypted emails, implement exhaustive HIPAA training to employees, and obtain legal undertakings from them.

Our policies ensure privacy of critical information such as patient contact information, conditions and other details. We meet other HIPAA requirements such as limited access to all applications by restricted roles for each user with encrypted password.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliance are:
Avoids fines and criminal penalties
Customer and industry confidence
Increased efficiency
Streamlined process workflow
Public exposure risk is low
Increased data efficiency