Dictation Options

We will work with your team in planning and setting up dictation recording process, providing flexibility to your physicians with three options for recordings:

Handheld Recordings:
We work closely with your team to recommend digital recorders that produce files types including .wma, .mp3, .dss, .wav and the Olympus DS2.

Telephone Dictation:
We offer secured telephone dictation by providing a unique user ID and pin to each physician. It includes features such as multiple dictations per call, familiar recording features such as pause, rewind, fast forward, stop, append, delete, approve, and review.

Mobile Dictation:
We offer the convenience of handheld dictation with the near real-time file transfer of telephone dictation on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Once received, digital dictation files are processed and routed according to your workflow requirements. All work gets routed to a work queue, where it is processed by the transcriptionist(s) assigned to that queue.