Get Started

We customize our services to meet specific requirements of each client. Here are the main steps to help you get started:

Understanding Objectives: Our team will work closely with you to analyze specific requirements and present different options, cost estimates and solutions to meet those requirements.

Free Trial: We offer a free trial to new clients to help get more idea about the quality of our services. This also helps us to set up and streamline the entire process.

Shipping Hardware and Software: After ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services, Datagain will ship all necessary hardware, software and user manuals to you. Typically, the only hardware shipped is digital recorders.

Training: Datagain’s project team will work with your staff to train them and ensure that they know how to use our system.

Implementation: After we have ensured that all your objectives are met, we will make the process live. Dictations can be sent to us using one of the three methods – handheld recordings, telephone dictations, or mobile dictation. Typically our team of specialists turns around results within 24 hours of receiving your dictation. Results are delivered through a secure online platform that can be accessible anytime, anywhere.