Interview Transcriptions

We offer specialized services for the transcription of interviews. We cover difficult audio files, transcribe different accents and perform research in the subject areas to ensure the highest quality of transcripts. We frequently customize our transcription services to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether formatting the output for further analysis using qualitative software or producing verbatim transcripts. 

We cover difficult accents, short deadlines and difficult audio. We provide free consultation on recording best practices. We understand the importance of security and confidentiality of your transcripts. We provide exhaustive security and state- of- the- art infrastructure to safeguard your information.

Our typical interview transcription clients are professors, graduate students, market researchers, teachers, writers, consultants, insurance providers, attorneys, preachers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Our interview transcription services include but are not limited to:

One to one interviews
Multiple participant interviews
Focus group
Legal interviews
Journalistic interviews
Job interviews
Radio interviews
Telephonic interviews
Research based interviews