Closed Captioning

We have extensive experience in the transcription of videos for captioning. Our closed- captioning services include:

 1. Customized time stamping before each speaker and to the time-stamp formulation your video software demands for closed- captioning.

2.  Removal of ums, ers, stutters, excessive likes and you knows and other speech patterns that will clutter your transcription.  Important pauses or verbal cues will be included.  We also do our best to eliminate all in audible sounds and side conversations which are not relevant to the flow of the audio and are, therefore, confusing in text.

3.  Customized line and paragraph sizes.  Depending on your video software, you may need to cap each line of transcription at 20-30 characters, and you may only be able to showcase 3-4 lines of captioning per frame.  We will customize our line and paragraph lengths to work with your video software. 

4.  Output in .txt file, which is universally acceptable to video software.  We can also have the output in .doc, .docx and/ or .pdf.