Questionnaire Design
We start with designing a customized questionnaire based on your research objectives. We ensure that your team’s suggestions are incorporated before considering it as finalized for data collection. We can also start with your existing questionnaire and provide our recommendations. We use our extensive survey designing experience to ensure that each question is relevant and structured correctly. We provide flexibility in types of questions and we incorporate single answer choice, multiple answer choice, open ended text, open ended numerical and rating question types. We incorporate skip patterns and branching logic to stream line the survey and probe critical concepts. 

Data Collection
Based on your specific requirements and target audience, we perform data collection using online surveys, website intercept surveys, social media, phone interviews, fax or paper surveys. We have access to specialized consumer and B2B panels to obtain responses from targeted audiences.

Analysis and Reporting
Our analysis process is complex, exhaustive, and custom-designed for each survey.
We identify banner variables (attributes of the audience across which there could be interesting differences) and run crosstabulations using banner variables across all other questions.
Responses are tested statistically using columns proportion test at 95% confidence, to identify differences in answers to the survey questions across each banner variable. We analyze open-ended text questions using a combination of text mining software and manual processes to understand key sentiments from the responses. Our final report includes actionable recommendations and key findings based on detailed statistical testing of the survey data.