Datagain implements comprehensive feedback management and customized surveys for universities, colleges and high schools. Our solutions help in increasing engagement with alumni/students, fostering closer relations and improving services/programs.

Datagain implements specialized research and analysis for the healthcare industry. We help our clients make informed decisions by reaching their target audience, obtaining critical feedback and developing powerful reporting solutions based on exhaustive analysis.

Consumer and Retail

We implement research for Consumer Goods Manufacturers, Retail Outlets and Restaurants, to analyze shopping behavior, purchase decision factors and shopping experience of customers. Our studies are result oriented and customized to meet specific objectives of each client. We provide actionable recommendations based on accurate analysis of data and years of market research experience of our staff. We have access to verified panels of consumers over different product categories, demographics, interests etc. which facilitates quick turn around of results.

Investment Management
Datagain implements in-depth market research for private equity firms investing capital into an operating company or acquiring an operating company, that helps them make informed decisions. We leverage our expertise in survey management, analysis and reporting to reach their target company's customers, distributors or sales representative and understand their perceptions, loyalty and future expectations.


Datagain solutions specifically help financial institutions to:
• Uncover and immediately address issues that are causing customers to leave
• Listen to the voice of customer to better retain, up-sell and cross-sell
• Increase customer loyalty & engagement through stronger relationships
• Decrease employee turnover by discerning problems immediately
• Improve profits through better customer experiences

Customer loyalty and employee retention is essential to any successful manufacturing business—but achieving and maintaining this loyalty is a strategic step often overlooked. Datagain helps you understand the role loyalty takes both in the products or services you provide, and in the results found on your bottom line.

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality
A comprehensive customer feedback management system in the travel & hospitality industry is of vital importance. Achieving and maintaining brand loyalty is more important than ever given the enormous pressures of the current economic climate on the hospitality industry.

Datagain implements a customized feedback management system that caters to the needs of sports good manufacturers, retailers, sports organizations/associations, gyms, universities and investors in sports industry.

Long-term loyalty doesn't just affect your customers—the satisfaction of agents and employees is also critical to success. Customers find value in working with the same team of individuals who recommend your products, and when employee turnover disrupts this, loyalty can diminish. That's why Datagain also provides solutions to increase employee feedback. When you can immediately identify problems and success stories, you can act quickly to find solutions and duplicate positive events.

Datagain solution includes tools that can specifically help insurance companies:
• Increase customer loyalty through stronger relationships
• Decrease employee turnover by discerning problems immediately
• Build long-term relationships by engaging your customers more frequently
• Improve profitability; lower time and costs of customer acquisition and employee turnover