We ensure enterprise business transformation with integrated services across consulting, research, application development and maintenance, infrastructure and BPO. Our experts work in collaboration with you to build solutions that will address your unique challenges. We have built expertise in niche areas such merchandizing, online shopping, e-commerce, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, among others.


We offer advanced technology solutions and consulting services that optimize prices, incorporate intelligent inventory planning, and implement high-powered POS systems to speed checkout and enhance customer experience. Monitoring and analyzing real-time inventory, forecasting accurate sales, optimizing store and shelf replenishment to reduce stock outs, and providing advanced customer analytics:

Winning competitive strategies that help specialty retailers meet unique challenges pertaining to their niche segment, and that drive real business results. Datagain helps identify the most effective technology to respond to consumer demands in real-time, differentiate products, optimize logistics costs and provide outstanding customer service through multiple channels.

Technology solutions to drive online retailing business that create synergy between online and offline value propositions. Our business and technology expertise helps you succeed in your online initiatives. From helping you create effective, user-friendly, and secure websites to managing effective supply chains and offering comprehensive sets of IT services for B2B and B2C sites and data management solutions, we help you provide an engaging experience for online shoppers that ensures customer loyalty and provides a distinct competitive edge.

We understand the challenges in fashion and apparel retailing and provide technology solutions that will help you enhance customer responsiveness and introduce new products faster. We also offer advanced data analytic solutions to forecast market trends and consumer demands and comprehensive product life cycle management solutions. From real-time collaboration of supply chain entities to merchandizing solutions around price optimization, we help you solve complex business problems and drive real business results.

We work with the leading retail companies to help you optimize merchandize management. From supply chain automation, CRM and data analysis to e-commerce solutions to comprehensive set of store solutions and customer support solutions, we provide your enterprise with the means to collaborate and streamline operations, enhance customer experience across multiple retailing channels and improve synergy across assortment of product categories.

We provide solutions that include Enterprise Pharmacy Management System, Alternate Site Activities (Central Processing, Central Filling, Load Balancing), Next Gen IVR (Patient pickup of refills) and ATM for Rx Re-fills. We also offer CRM, ERP and merchandizing solutions to ensure success.