Datagain is committed to improve the quality of education and research by providing cutting edge technologies and efficient services in areas like security, IT funding, e-learning, transcription, translation, survey management and data processing. Learn why Datagain is a preferred outsourcing partner for a number of leading universities and research institutions:

Experience: Senior project staff has worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and leading universities and have an impeccable record of successful project implementations.

Cost Savings: Our infrastructure, technologies and trained staff typically ensure significant cost savings on every project.

Flexibility: We develop customized processes and solutions to meet different challenges faced by our clients and adapt as their needs change over time.

Quality: We leverage our expertise in data management to guarantee the highest quality of services and results.

Technology: We use cutting edge and state of the art technologies to deliver most efficient solutions.

Project Management: We assign a full time project manager for every project and our staff provides continuous communication through out the project life cycle.

Customer Service: We have dedicated staff working on each project and we provide continuous support and customer service.