At Datagain we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your insurance enterprise. Our offerings include IT services, BPO services, Consulting and Research services across the following segments

Life & Retirement
Some of the specific services and solutions for the Life Insurance sector include the following:

  • Improving time-to-market
  • Legacy modernization solution for tnsurers
  • Claims transformation
  • Policy administration transformation
  • Application and platform rationalization
  • Enabling efficiency in new business acquisition
  • Multi-channel distribution management solution
  • Package evaluation of insurance products
  • Insurance business intelligence solutions
  • Insurance CRM solutions
  • Simplifying business process management
  • Underwriting optimization
  • Web and mobile solutions
  • Fraud detection and analytics
  • Predictive analytics 

Our solutions address the entire spectrum of business needs, including the following:


Our solutions address the entire spectrum of business needs, including the following

  • Actuarial
  • Underwriting
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Brokerage
  • Billings & Receivables
  • Technical Accounting


Health Insurance           
Specific services and solutions for the healthcare vertical include the following:

Next Generation Systems Deployment: Platforms that support a new focus on wellness and prevention, while expanding mobile functionality, dashboard availability and business analytics opportunities to improve service levels

New Business Applications: Custom development and implementation services for group and individual customers

ICD-10 Adoption Roadmap: A proven ICD transition roadmap with expert processes and tools

Claims Modernization: A cost-efficient modernization, transition, migration and sun-setting approach to strategically re-platform adjudication systems

Infrastructure Services and BPO: End-to-end infrastructure services and a comprehensive portfolio of industry specific and shared-service BPO solutions to accelerate transformation



Text Mining Tool: Helps you analyze the unstructured data, such as call center notes, underwriters notes, and adjuster notes, and extract information about specific types of events, entities and their relationships

Survey Analytics Tool: Helps you analyze the responses to customer, employee, product or market surveys and derive meaningful insights (It analyzes both structured and unstructured responses using statistical and data-mining techniques.)



Mobile Loss Notification Solution: Helps customers notify the insurers of their loss details and perform a host of activities including uploading videos taken at the scene-of-accident, using their smartphones

Attorney Assist Solution: Enables attorneys handling litigation claims access to the clients’ data, thereby increasing their productivity

Catastrophe Claims Management Solution: Helps you to manage catastrophes more effectively, efficiently and proactively

Mobile Telematics Solution: Enables customers to use their smartphones to detect accidents, thereby using the phone as a life-saving device in case of accidents