Multiple Channels:
We develop systems to collect feedback from multiple channels such as online surveys, emails, phone calls and social media.

Monitor Critical Customer Attributes
Our solutions help you monitor your customer’s satisfaction/loyalty with different products/services, identify existing and emerging competitors and develop marketing strategies more efficiently.

Centralized Data Management
You can get access to all of your customer’s feedback through online dashboards containing key metrics/attributes and built specifically to meet your company’s needs. Complete report building and data management is provided by Datagain.

Report Sharing
Reports can be shared and accessed easily via the web and you can also download desired reports to a number of different formats such as excel, PowerPoint for further analysis or presentations.

Customized Data Selection
Our powerful Business Intelligence reporting software enables further drilling/querying of the reports using prompts on the dashboards that help you get answers to different questions instantaneously.

Data Segmentation
Our team has expertise in data/text mining and querying techniques. We can help you identify key segments based on the survey results and match it to your entire existing customer database. This is crucial while developing marketing/promotion campaigns to target your customers/prospects.

Text Analysis
We use cutting edge text processing and mining software to identify key concepts, sentiments and categories from open ended text/feedback received from your customers and turn it into a structured format which makes it easier to obtain critical insights