How we help

Capture Customer Feedback
Customer loyalty has a direct impact on your business. Nearly 70% of customers leave a brand because they do not feel cared for. Monitoring customer feedback through a formal program helps companies double the number of loyal customers that deliver repeat business. Feedback from customers is the pulse for any business and customer sentiment, satisfaction and loyalty can be all correlated to critical business metrics.

Datagain helps in developing customer voice programs by integrating technology with proven strategies for feedback collection. We closely work with you to design a system that ensures constant customer engagement and provides a measurable way of understanding their opinions, satisfaction and loyalty.

Capture Employee Feedback
Engaging employees is critical to measure their satisfaction, perceptions and sentiments. Employees are also critical to customer satisfaction. Over 63% of companies believe customer experience is important to their business, and 55% believe customer experience is a core differentiator in their market.
Datagain helps in developing employee feedback programs and provide analytics that link employee satisfaction with key business metrics and employee performance. Our programs help you understand what really motivates employees and identify ways to develop a more loyal workforce.