Quality Control

Datagain ensures very high level of accuracy on all projects by having stringent quality control process in place. Some of the key steps in our process include the following:

Field Validation
We incorporate number of field validations, look up tables, formulas, data –type/field size restrictions into the data entry form for each project. We further have data validation based on specific fields such as zip codes, phone numbers, etc. as well as any type of customer-specific data (e.g. vendor or customer lists, product or parts lists, etc.).

Re-Key Verification
We can ensure 100% accuracy by having the data re-keyed and compared to identify mistakes. After data has been keyed once (or recognized), it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is made, our system flags any differences. These are immediately verified and corrected.

Address Correction & Verification
Datagain specializes in address correction, verification, and identifying change of address (United States only) for direct mailing campaigns. We use in-house algorithms to identify households that can further help reduce the size of mailing.

Experienced Work Force
We only employ very experienced work force, including operators in the US, as well as operators in India.  Each employee undergoes extensive training for each project and performances are constantly monitored to ensure high quality results at all times.